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Citizens Charter

The Section 82 (1) of the Electricity Act, 2003 has made it mandatory that every State, by notification, constitute for the purpose of this Act , a Commission for the State to be known as the State Electricity Regulatory Commission. The Sikkim State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SSERC) has been set up as per the provisions of the Electricity Act, 2003. The SSERC came into existence on 15th Day of November 2003 vide Extraordinary Gazette Notification No. 28/P/GEN/97/524 Dated 15.11.2003. The functions of the State Commission have been laid down in Section 86 of the Electricity Act, 2003. Amongst a host of functions, the State Commission has to determine the Tariff for Generation, Supply ,Transmission and Wheeling of Electricity , Wholesale, Bulk or Retail, as the case may be, within the State. 

Further, the Section 62(1) of the Act empowers the State Commission to determine the Tariff in accordance with the provisions of this Act as well as the Regulations framed by the State Commission, for supply of elcetricity by a generating company to a distribution licensee, for transmission of electricity , for wheeling of electricity and retail sale of electricity. 

The SSERC, since its inception has been making relentless efforts to ensure that the aims and objectives as envisaged in the Electricity Act, 2003 are attained within the shortest possible time. The Act has given the mandate to both the Regulators and the stake holders to accelerate the process of fulfilling the reforms in power sector  as laid  out in the Act. The role of the Regulator in the whole process of electricity generation, transmission ,distribution and trading is not only to ensure supply of relibale and reasonably priced power to the consumers but also to ensure that there is a heathy competition among the various utilities/service providers for overlall development of the elctricity sector.

The SSERC is committed to work for creating an atmosphere that is congenial for development of the electricty sector in the State and thereby attract more and more investments in the power sector for the overall development of the State. The SSERC is at the sametime committed to ensure that there is openness,transparency and accountability in the electricity sector and that there is  healthy competition among the various stake holders as well as more active participation by the stake holders especially the consumers in the overall Regulatory process.