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Visit to 510 MW Teesta Stage-V HEP

Thu , 20 August 2015
Start Date : 2015-08-26 10:00:00
End Date : 2015-08-26 15:00:00
Address : Power House Complex, 510 MW Teseta Stage-V HEP Balutar, Sirwani, Singtam ,East Sikkim.

The Chairperson and the Members of the State Advisory Committee (SAC) of Sikkim State Electricity Regulatory Commission visited the 510 MW Teesta Stage V Hydropower Project of National Hydro Electric Power Corporation Ltd (NHPC) on 26th August 2015. The Members of the SAC were joined by the PCE cum Secretary and Senior Officers/Engineers of the Energy & Power Department, Government of Sikkim, the Chief Conservator of Forest (HQ) and other Officers from the Forests, Env & W.L Management Department , Government of Sikkim. The Members of the SAC and the other dignitaries were accorded a warm traditional welcome at the Teesta -V Power House by Shri. J.R.Choudhary (HOD, NHPC) and other officers of NHPC Ltd. NHPC gave a power point presentation on the "stage wise" development of the 510 MW Teesta -V HEP and also highlighted the various local area development works and activities being undertaken by NHPC under Corporate Social Responsibility.(CSR). NHPC thanked the visiting team and the State Government for their support. The Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd (PGCIL) made a "Power Point Presentation" on the "Status/Plan Strengthening the Power Evacuation System for Sikkim" and " Power Evacuation System for 1200 MW Teesta-III HEP". Teesta Valley Power Transmission Ltd (TPTL) also made a power point presentation on the "power evacuation system for 1200 MW Teesta -III HEP" . Both the PGCIL and TPTL highlighted the progress made by them in the construction of power evacuation system for Teesta-III HEP and also various issues related to "Right of Way", difficulties faced in stringing of lines, erection of towers and other impediments delaying the timely completion of the works. Both PGCIL and TPTL requested the support and cooperation of the SAC Members and the State Government for resolving the various issues so as to ensure timely completion of the works. The SAC Members and the representatives of the State Government Departments resolved their eagerness to extend all possible help and support to ensure timely completion of the works. The Chairperson and the Members of the SAC advocated the need to have proper sharing of information and communication between the State Government Departments and the PGCIL/TPTL to resolve various issues for the overall interest of the State. The visiting team were also taken on a "tour" inside the Powerhouse of the Teesta -V HEP. The NHPC Engineers and Officers briefed the visitors on the details of functioning and operational aspects of the Powerhouse.