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National Hydro Electric Power Corporation Limited (Teesta-IV HEP)

Address : NHPC Complex, Sector-33, Faridaba- 121003, Haryana. Phone: 040 -343311 Fax: 040- 2277941.   

Name of the Projects: 520 MW Teesta-IV HEP.

The Project has been allotted to NHPC Ltd on BOO basis. The State will get 12% free power from the Project during the entire life of the Project. The Project is the 3rd project awarded to NHPC , other two being 510 MW Teest-V HEP and 60 MW Rangit-III HEP.


Location of the Project.

Dam: The proposed dam of the Project is to be constructed across Teesta river downstream of confluence of Teesta and  Runchu near Chanday and Hee Gyahthang villages in North Sikkim.

Powerhouse: The proposed Dam is located near the confluence of Det Khola and Teesta river under Gor-Taryong Block in North Sikkim 

Present status of the Project: The Project has obtained the Environment and Forest (Stage-I) clerances and is awaiting clearance from National Board of Wild Life, Govt. of India.

Expected Commissioing Date: The expected commissioing is June 2020.